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Phoenix in Chaos (Book Three, 2012)

Humanity has been kept bound within the solar system for decades by a hostile alien race known as the Screen. Although the military and tri-planetary government accepted humanity’s containment, a group of officers and civilians escaped the solar system in the experimental starship they call PHOENIX. Determined to learn what the Screen ultimately has planned for humanity, the crew now roams the stars in search of their mysterious enemy.

Led by former cadets John Roberts and Julie Olson, the crew discover that humanity isn’t the only race the Screen has interfered with. But as they learn more about the Screen, dissension within the crew and secrets about the EXODUS Project threatens to derail the mission.

Can John remain focused on the mission, or will his enemies and secrets of the PHOENIX break him?

This is the third novel in the exodus science fiction series.


“I used a lot of time reading this book. More time as it grabbed me and made me want to have the Phoenix win everything! The end falls hard but you can feel the coming rise”
-Leif E. Dolan

“Another brilliant novel from R. Stadnik I am completely hooked by this series and can’t wait to read
Book four.jim”
-Amazon Customer

“I have absolutely enjoyed this series, but this book blew me away! Without giving anything away, this book helped to explain a lot. It kept me tied to my chair as I read it, I couldn’t put my Kindle down to stop reading.”

“Absolutely awesome book. I was hoping there would be more than just three books in this series so I could continue to enjoy the adventures of Captain John Roberts and crew. Highly recommend this series to all SCI-FI readers.”
-Don Owens

“The Phoenix series starts with a nice original story. As it progresses the characters grown on you and you start to really like them. This is an really entertaining book, with fresh ideas and an surprisingly addictive story. I am really looking forward to the last chapter in the series.”
-Andre R. Chaves

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