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Phoenix Among The Stars (Exodus)

Humanity has been kept bound within the solar system for decades by a hostile alien race known as the Screen. The military and government have resigned themselves that humans will never explore the stars. But the crew of the experimental starship EXODUS have defied the odds and escaped the solar system.Rechristened the PHOENIX, the ship is commanded by former cadets John Roberts and Julie Olson. They have already demonstrated the Screen can be defeated and are now on the hunt for them to learn what this alien race has planned for humanity.Join the crew of the PHOENIX as they take humanity’s first steps into space. What will they see? Who will they encounter?This is the second novel in the exodus series.


“I very much enjoyed the author’s first book, Exodus of the Phoenix, and I like the 2nd book even better.
The story does a great job developing the characters and you find yourself rooting for them as they discover new star systems. I am looking forward to the next book!”

“It is a fun book to read. The writing style was easy to follow and not predictable. If you want something easy and get away reading good choice.”
-Ken L

“I have just finished book 2 and have one major problem, I cant wait for the next one,I loved these books ,When will we get book 3,This is the best sci fi i have read in years , Robert please write faster and dont stop .Vernon Meakin South Africa.”

“Absolutely awesome book. I was hoping there would be more than just three books in this series so I could continue to enjoy the adventures of Captain John Roberts and crew. Highly recommend this series to all SCI-FI readers.”
-Don Owens

“I normally don’t read space science fiction however this book grabbed my attention and didn’t let go. I truly enjoyed the plot, characters and every other aspect of this book, which set up the future, books in the series. I personally can’t wait to read the next installments.”

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