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Fury of the Phoenix (Book Four, 2012)

Humanity has been kept bound within the solar system for decades by a hostile alien race known as the Screen. A group of rebels steal an experimental starship and escape the solar system, commanded by former cadets John Roberts and Julie Olson. Determined to learn what the Screen has planned for humanity, the crew roams the stars in search of their mysterious enemy.Almost annihilated by the Screen in battle, the crew and alien alliance members attempt to regroup and restart the mission. But the attack had a profound impact on John Roberts. Learning of secrets about his past as well as losing those close to him, can John bring the crew together to finish what they started, or will he sacrifice them in a quest for revenge?This is the fourth novel in the exodus science fiction series.


“This is one of the more believable CF novels I have had the pleasure of reading. This is the last of this series. I am now embarking on the next series. Which is as good as this one. Highly recommend it.”
-Venne An Avid Reader

“It was a great wrap up to the story in the first two books. It had adventure a future look to how people will work, fight, live and move off of old planet earth. The chacters were great and the approach to how they came to their positions in the story was interesting and different. Need to read the first two books to enjoy the final wrap up in this one.”
-Charles C. Grimes

“The story of the Phoenix is great! I have been hooked by this author and cannot let go. Don’t want to give much (don’t want to spoil), but the stories of how the aliens and the human race interact is great. Very light reading (not heavy drama, although some parts are sad). Give it a try if you love Sci-Fi books”
-David A. Sanchez

“I read lots of space sci-fi. This series is one of my favorite 2 or 3 and Fury did not disappoint. I highly recommend the whole series to all who enjoy futuristic space fiction. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“The Phoenix ship is a fun set of books to read. They are great travel books in that they are fast paced and keep your interest. Give them a try if you want something that does not take allot of mental energy on too many small details.”

-B. Ashworth

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