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Fractured Alliance (Book Five, 2018)

Humanity has been kept bound within the solar system for decades by a hostile alien race known as the Screen. Ships attempting to pass beyond Mars have been destroyed without reason or provocation and communication with this mysterious alien race have failed. Both the military and tri-planetary government have resigned themselves to the notion that humans will never explore the stars, but hope springs forth from the most unlikely of places. Humanity’s destiny lies with two inexperienced cadets and an unproven experimental starship. Join cadets John Roberts and Julie Olson as they are introduced to the EXODUS Project and offered the chance to free humanity from its oppressors. This is the first novel of the Exodus series.


“Great Read!!!”

“Very enjoyable read. Would like to see more of John Roberts,and his adventures. Will be waiting impatiently.this is more than I normally write.”
-Big O

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