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Exodus of the Phoenix (Book One, 2010)

Humanity is now free to explore the stars. After leading an alliance of races to defeat a hostile enemy race, Phoenix is now tasked with beginning humanity’s exploration of deep space. As the ship and crew begin their mission of exploration, problems arise with one of their alien allies that puts the newly formed alliance at risk. Can Captains John Roberts and Julie Olson mend the rifts that threaten to tear the alliance apart?This is the fifth novel in the exodus science fiction series.


“Captivating and very well written. You like the main characters immediately. I have continued reading all the other books in the series and they keep the momentum going till the last page.”
-Amazon Customer

“Great Series… waiting fr the next chapter!”
-Amazon Customer

“I highly recommend this to any science fiction fan. I can’t wait for the next novel in this series to come out.”
-Amazon Customer

“Wonderful Character Driven Novel”

“Wow! I couldn’t put it down…”
-Some Guy

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