Maybe if the DCMS committee members had not divisively encouraged this unhelpful charade relations would not have become strained. Maybe it is the DCMS that should be appearing before the DCMS select committee. Maybe if the DCMS came up with one original thought of its own, football wouldn’t be in this mess, either. Maybe it dates back to Parry’s previous appearance before the DCMS committee, when he spent the time grandstanding, unchallenged, at the expense of the Premier League. A blue and white flag can be seen on the back of the neck, while the Chelsea lion sits on the inner neckline, accompanied by ‘Football is the game’, the second line of the club’s anthem. Romelu Lukaku has already told Chelsea why Eden Hazard is the right ‘option’ to consider for a late January swoop due to the ‘formidable’ nature of the winger. She told her Twitter followers: ‘Clapping harder than ever tonight for our carers. Social Cues is your go-to guide, filling you in on the buzz looping around Facebook and Twitter. Street parties ran deep into the night in the capital city of Kiev while TV channels were looping with stories about the national team’s historic night. Shevchenko emerged as one of European football’s hottest properties at Dynamo Kiev before enjoying a hugely successful seven-year spell at AC Milan.

And no, it wasn’t one of those occasions when the opposing kitman packs the wrong shirts and there is a clash. Now second was big for QPR but it wasn’t as if they actually won anything – as in 1967 with the League Cup. Now they struggle to get anything done without motives being questioned, no matter the positives. An idea that would benefit player welfare at 20 clubs is suspected of being just another power play by a handful, making the athletes the collateral damage of an internal feud that began when six clubs operated as a cabal, meeting in secret and alienating the rest. It bodes well for Derby that the member of the Abu Dhabi royal family, who has been given the green light to buy the club, is the same Sheik Khaled bin Zayed Al Nehayan who attempted takeovers at Liverpool and Newcastle but never came through with the money – despite being worth a reported £15billion. The hosts managed just 223 runs with the bat and, despite a strong showing from their bowlers, slumped to a three-wicket defeat. People have once again been showing their appreciation for key workers including supermarket staff, the emergency services and teachers.

The mother described the incident as ‘outrageous’, but did not blame the teachers. QPR actually timed their commemoration for the part of the 1975-76 season that cost them the title. The Cardiff fixture was on October 31, making it almost 45 years to the day since a momentous 1-1 draw at Coventry, the catalyst for a run of 17 matches of which QPR won four. He won more than £2m in prize money. Do we have that money now? Yet what this impasse demonstrates is the complete mistrust that now exists between the elite and the rest. Pep Guardiola, like most managers of elite clubs, is in favour of the five-substitute rule. He talked about exhibitions that were put on to impress other curators, theatre productions that found favour only with actors, writers or directors. And his first season was positive enough but his second was so littered with mistakes and errors of judgement that Lampard decided to go out and buy a replacement in Edouard Mendy.

Cardiff took the field in blue because they knew Rangers planned to wear red and white halves, with black shorts to commemorate their 1975-76 season – when they came second. Politicians around the UK took to their doorsteps to show support for healthcare workers, including First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab. Ms Symonds was reunited with fiance Boris Johnson on Easter Sunday, after he spent a week in St Thomas’ Hospital in Central London, including three nights in intensive care, chelsea pulisic jersey battling the coronavirus. A frightening development. Queens Park Rangers wore their third strip against Cardiff last week – while playing at Loftus Road. Sunday’s defeat at Manchester City was their first away from Bramall Lane since last January. Anthony Van Dyck was the 2019 Derby winner; he beat Stradivarius in the Prix Foy at Longchamp just last month. The most surprising news from the Melbourne Cup this week was not that another horse died – it seems an annual event – but that the euthanising of Anthony Van Dyck should fail to make many headlines. Grayson Perry caused a stir this week by suggesting the pandemic could benefit the arts.

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